Riptide drink recipe

Riptide recipe

12.27.2018 | Alexander Brickman
Riptide drink recipe

Riptide recipe. Mix vodka, beer and lemonade concentrate in large pitcher. add as much ice as possible. pour into glasses, enjoy, and collapse.

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Fiber Sugars Cholesterol Sodium Alcohol.

Mexican Riptide Recipe

6.21.2018 | Alexander Brickman
Riptide drink recipe

The complete drink recipe and how to make a Mexican Riptide cocktail with Coca Cola, Coffee Liqueur, Coconut Rum.

Directions Stir ingredients together in a collins glass filled with ice cubes, and serve.

1 oz Coconut Rum 1 oz Coffee Liqueur 6 oz Coca Cola.

Set Up My Bar Coconut Rum Coffee Liqueur Coca Cola.

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Best served in a Collins Glass.

Les Batt's Riptide drink recipe

8.23.2018 | Allison Baldwin
Riptide drink recipe

The best recipe for a Les Batt's Riptide alcoholic mixed drink, containing J&B and Cranberry Juice. Includes mixing instructions and ingredients needed for Les Batt's Riptide.

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Serving size: 250 mL (1 cup).

Serve on the rocks with a straw and a palm tree stirrer. Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker.

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

Riptide Drink Recipe

3.18.2018 | Allison Baldwin
Riptide drink recipe

Riptide Drink Recipe made with the following ingredients: Vodka Chambord Ice Gin Lemon. We also have lots of similar drinks made with the same ingredients.

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Serve with lemon slice in highball glass. Should be dark bluish green. Beefeater Gin Bacardi Superior Smirnoff Vodka Chambord Blue Curacoa Sweet n' Sour Shake and strain over ice.

Mexican Riptide recipe Cocktail Recipes

7.22.2018 | Alexander Brickman
Riptide drink recipe

Cocktail recipe for a Mexican Riptide recipe made with 1 oz Malibu coconut rum1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur6 oz Coca-Cola.

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Calories (kcal) Energy (kj) Fats Carbohydrates Protein.

Fiber Sugars Cholesterol Sodium Alcohol.

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