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Narcotics Just a Click Away? WIRED

5.11.2018 | Isaac Leapman

Whether that's a concern for most customers is tough to say.

He found a site named Mexican Pharmacy Online that promised to mail drugs ordered over the Internet with "no prescription hassles.". A few items down, Parsons hit pay dirt.

"I went ahead and ordered it," Parsons said.

Parsons is certainly not the only U.S. A simple search engine query is all it takes to prove that sites offering easy access to controlled substances aren't hard to find. resident to successfully order drugs without a prescription over the Net.

Buying prescription drugs online legal
Narcotics Just a Click Away? WIRED

Parsons, vice president of the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Houston, was surfing the Web last October when he decided to do a little investigating into whether it was possible to buy drugs online without a prescription.

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However, the sites tend to come and go quickly. "There are an awful lot of them," said Kevin Outterson, an attorney with Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell who specializes in online healthcare issues.

There's no biz like E-Biz.

Even so, getting caught with illegal loot was a concern for Parsons. He made sure he blabbed about his drug-buying experiment to all his friends in law enforcement. He wanted everyone to know he was buying pills in the interests of consumer protection research.

It's true that the laws governing U.S. Customs allow individuals to bring up to 50 prescription pills into the country, so they're not deprived of crucial medications. Such claims of legality are misleading, Outterson says.

He entered his credit card number at a connected site, signed and returned an order confirmation mailed to his home, sat back and waited. Fifty pills for $60, plus $25 shipping and handling.

He believes regulators so far have been more interested in shutting down illegal sites than going after their customers. In some cases, federal regulators have taken actions against online purveyors of illegal and controlled substances, Outterson said.

Others sell treatments available overseas that have not yet been approved by the U.S. Many of the sites offer popular picks like Viagra and the hair-restoration drug Propecia, which are available in the United States with a prescription, Outterson said. Food & Drug Administration.

"I have no doubt this is the real thing," he said, adding that he's familiar with the drug since it was prescribed to him last year as a painkiller following surgery. The effects were the same.

Many of the sites are located overseas, in the Philippines or other faraway locales with a large drug manufacturing industry. law," Outterson said. "They're thinking that some of these sites maybe are operating without knowing that they're violating U.S.

"They can't get it from the traditional source, so they're willing to pay," he said.

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Many probably once had a doctor prescribe one or more of the drugs on the list, but their prescriptions have long since run out. Parsons believes sites like On-Line Pill Box appeal primarily to addicts.

One site, On-Line Pill Box, ls customers in a FAQ section that "If you live in the U.S., you can legally import up to a 50 dosage unit without a valid prescription.". Oddly, however, Parsons noticed that some of the sites offering prescription-free drug delivery from overseas claim that such sales are actually legal.

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He gave some samples to a local laboratory to test their potency. Then he got impatient waiting around for the results. Parsons inspected the contents – five strips of 10 individually sealed pills - and determined that it looked like the real thing. The package arrived a few weeks later, direct from the Philippines.

It all started when Dan Parsons typed the keywords "buy narcotics" into the MSN search engine.

I've got possession," he said. "I could get in trouble. "But what I've done is I've been very public about it.".

When the ache dissipated a little while later, Parsons was quick to make his conclusion. So he popped a standard dose.

However, that law applies only to drugs that a person physically carries into the country, not stuff that's mail-ordered from abroad.

The FDA hasn't been pleased with the proliferation of such sites.

Moments after entering his request the search engine returned with a list of more than 19,000 responses, most containing links to law enforcement and anti-drug sites.

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There's no biz like E-Biz.

"I had a pretty good stomach ache a few days ago. I decided to find out if they're real," he said.

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In the interests of consumer advocacy research, Parsons thought about taking things a step further. Then he took a deep breath and an even deeper click. He clicked on an entry for hydrocodone, which is used in the prescription drug Vicodin.

Federal regulators targeted sellers offering name-brand drugs without a prescription as well as sites that posted exaggerated or inaccurate statements about the curative powers of herbs or other substances they were selling. Last year, the agency announced it was issuing " cyber letters " to website operators believed to be selling substances illegally over the Net.

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Buying prescription drugs online legal